Cross-country stadium Ried

Cross-country tracks for elite and popular sport

The construction work in 2003 in the stadium „Ried“ cost about 6 million Euros. Beneath a central building and some storage facilities, the main emphasis lay on track building and the technical infrastructure. A reservoir pond for snow making was built with a capacity of 12.000 m3 and the respective cabeling in stadium and on the tracks. The stands, infrastructure for TV production and VIP hospitality are going to be temporary buildings for the world champs.

There is a roller ski track with almost 7 km in the cross country stadium Ried for training and competitions during summer. The first part of the course was built in 2004, the connection to the stadium and further tracks in 2009.

The following tracks are part of the complete cross-country tracks for the World Championships:

0,9 km Sprint-Loop
1,2 km Sprint-Loop
3,3 km Burgstall
3,3 km Zimmeroy
3,75 km Burgstall
3,75 km Zimmeroy
5,0 km Burgstall
5,0 km Zimmeroy
7,5 km Burgstall/Zimmeroy

The test area and the training area in the cross-country stadium are directly next to the athletes area. With the „Birgsautal“, „Spielmannsau“ and „Rohrmoos“ are even more perfect training routes available.



Five jumping hills are in the skijumping arena – the two big hills HS 137 and HS 106 which are used for the Nordic World Ski Championships – and three hills for kids and youth (HS 60, HS 30, HS 20). Every year at the end of december the traditional Opening event of the 4 Hills Tournament is held here.

The first jumps on the Schattenberg hill were already in the 1920's. The international breakthrough was in january 1953 with the first edition of the famous 4 Hills Tournament. In the years up to 1953 the jumping hill got bigger and better almost every year. In 1972 the new hill K115 out of ferroconrete was built beneath the existing wooden construction, just in time for the 21st edition of the 4 Hills Tournament.

A new elevator was built at the end of the 1990's and for the spectators a grandstand above the Faltenbach was built.
In 2003 the construction work (around 17 Million Euro) for the World Championships in 2005 started. 9 month were enough to rebuild the K115 into a HS 137 for longer jumps. A inclined lift with a capacity for 40 persons, rebuilding of the stadium and a new functional building with several new functional areas were built.
The last big building project was in 2011. Around 4,5 million Euro were invested in a completely new HS 106, as the old normal hill was more than 30 years old.

There are also during summer several events, like FIS Summer Grand-Prix Nordic Combined, Open Air Cinema, night ski jumping and a lot more. Conference rooms and extraordinary outdoor offers like the Skywalk climbing garden between the two big hills are also in the ski jumping arena.

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