Twelve days, two stadiums, three disciplines. The Schattenberg ski jumping arena and the cross-country stadium Ried will be the main venues for the competitions during the world champs 2021.

Don't miss any of the medal decisions during the world champs in Oberstdorf.


Competition program

Tuesday, 23.02.2021

09.00NCTraining Women/Men HS 106
14.30CC/NCTraining Women/Men F
15.00NCTraining Women HS 106

Wednesday, 24.02.2021

12.30CCQualification Women 5 km F
14.30CCQualification Men 10 km F
20.00Opening Ceremony in the Skijumping stadium

Thursday, 25.02.2021

15.15CCSprint Finals Women 1,4 km C
15.15CCSprint Finals Men 1,6 km C
17.00SJSingle Competition Women HS 106

Friday, 26.02.2021

10.15NCSingle Competition Men HS 106
16.00NCSingle Competition Men 10 km
17.15SJTeam Competition Women HS 106

Saturday, 27.02.2021

10.00NCSingle Competition Women HS 106
11.45CCSkiathlon Women 15 km
13.30CCSkiathlon Men 30 km
15.30NCSingle Competition Women 5 km F
16.30SJSingle Competition Men HS 106

Sunday, 28.02.2021

10.00NCTeam Competition HS 106
13.00CCTeamsprint Finals Women F
13.00CCTeamsprint Finals Men F
15.00NCTeam Competition 4 × 5 km
17.00SJMixed Competition HS 106

Monday, 01.03.2021


Tuesday, 02.03.2021

13.15CCSingle Competition Women 10 km F

Wednesday, 03.03.2021

13.15CCSingle Competition Men 15 km F

Thursday, 04.03.2021

11.00NCSingle Competition Men HS 137
13.15CCRelay 4 × 5 km Women
15.15NCSingle Competition 10 km F

Friday, 05.03.2021

13.15CCRelay Men 4 × 10 km C+F
17.00SJSingle Competition Men HS 137

Saturday, 06.03.2021

10.00NCTeamsprint Men HS 137
12.30CCSingle Competition Women 30 km C
15.00NCTeamsprint Men HS 2 × 7,5 km F
16.30SJTeam Competition Men HS 137

Sunday, 07.03.2021

12.30CCSingle competition Men 50 km C
afterwardsClosing Ceremony

Schedule is subject to change


CCCross CountryLanglauf
NCNordic CombinedNordische Kombination
SJSki JumpingSkispringen
HS 137Big HillGroßschanze
HS 106Normal HillNormalschanze
CClassic TechniqueKlassische Technik
FFree TechniqueFreie Technik