How to get to Oberstdorf

We highly recommend public transportation for your travel to Oberstdorf.

Especially during the World Championships you reach your destination easily and fast by public transport.


Travel to Oberstdorf by train is possible from all bigger railway stations in Germany. Since Oberstdorf is a railhead, every train ends here. Furthermore, with the „ALEX“ (Allgäu-Express) there is a direct train connection to Bavarias capital city of Munich.



The whole Allgäu has a well-working bus system. All villages and cities around Oberstdorf are part of the route network of routes and perfectly connected due to short headways. Also, the Kleinwalsertal in Austria is part of this system.


You reach Oberstdorf easy and fast on a well-constructed net of roads and freeways. With the freeways A7 and A96 there is a connection to Austria and the rest of Germany towards East, West and North. From Kempten a fast travel to Oberstdorf over the B19 is guaranteed. If your accommodation is directly in Oberstdorf, please check with your hosts for parking beforehand.



With airports in Munich, Stuttgart and Memmingen (Allgäu Airport), Friedrichshafen as well as the airports in Zurich (Switzerland) and Innsbruck (Austria) there are connections to all over the world.

Memmingen70 km50 Min.75 Min.60 Min.
Friedrichshafen95 km90 Min.130 Min.110 Min.
Innsbruck160 km130 Min.270 Min.150 Min.
Zürich210 km130 Min.270 Min.150 Min.
Stuttgart215 km120 Min.170 Min.150 Min.
München220 km120 Min.150 Min.140 Min.