Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many areas and questions about volunteering at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, our team is happy to answer your questions.

General organization

1) What is the minimum age to help during the Nordic World Ski Championships 2021?

You have to be at least 16 years old.

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2) How can I registrate to help during the Nordic World Ski Championships?

From summer of 2019 on, there will be a button on our official website of the Nordic World Ski Championships 2021 ( Through this button you can log on with your data, skills and interests. To find a job matching your interests and skills, it is important to fill in all of the information. In the further process we will contact you by phone or e-mail to give you more detailed information about your team classification. Information about working times as well as when and where you meet will be given 3-4 weeks before the event by your area manager.

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3) Do I have to be available the whole period from the 23rd of February to the 7th of March 2021?

The beginning and end of your time as a volunteer depend on the area you will be employed. The main period of the event is the 23rd of February to the 7th of March 2021. However, for organizational reasons applicants who are available for the whole time period will be preferred. A minimum of 7 days is pretended.

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1) Where do I have to go first when I arrive in Oberstdorf?

First of all, you should pick up your accreditation in the accreditation office. A description, where you can find it, follows in the next months.

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2) When and where do I have to carry my accreditation?

Your accreditation is your “ticket“ to all accredited areas, which you will need to get to your position. You always have to wear it while you are working. Please show your accreditation upon request.

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3) Can I enter the event site each day with this accreditation?

The accreditation is only valid on your working days.

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Areas and working hours

1) In which area i will be in use?

There are different areas which you can support. After your registration we assign you to a suitable job based on your skills and interests. You will hear from us by phone or e-mail early enough. Then, you will get information about your working area and you will receive the contact to your area manager. Unfortunately, due to the current situation there are also adjustments. We hope you are flexible.

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2) In which period I will be in use?

The Nordic World Ski Championships will take place from 23th of February to 7th of March. This period will be the main working time for our World Championships team. There ist no minimum number of working days. However, volunteers who can work for at least 5 days are desirable for us and therefore will be preferred in our selection. Depending on the area, start and end of your employment will vary and can be before or after the main working time. You will be informed by your area manager, when exactly you will be in action.

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3) Where do I meet my team?

Meeting points vary from team to team. The information where and when you meet your team you will get from your area manager in time.

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4) How long will be a shift?

Also the length of a shift differs from team to team. There will be a break during which you can eat and relax in the volunteer center. You will receive your work schedule in time from your area manager.

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5) Can I change my shift?

Yes. To do that, you will need to contact your area manager so he/she can arrange a change with your colleagues.

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6) How will I know what i have to do?

You will receive information about your field of action from our website under "Operational area" as well as from your assigned area manager. When we get closer to the event, we will provide additional details for all volunteers.

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7) What should I do when I cannot handle my designated task?

If you have any problems with your task, first contact your area manager. He/She will then get in touch with volunteer management so together we can find a more suitable job for you.

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8) What should I do if I become ill?

If you become ill during your time of work, please inform your area manager immediately. He/She will arrange a substitute as soon as possible.

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1) Will I be dressed for the Nordic World Ski Championships?

Yes. Each volunteer receives an outfit by “Ziener“. The clothing consists of a jacket, pants, gloves, underlayer and hat. You will have to wear the official outfit during the whole time of the event (when on duty).

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2) Do I have to return the clothing?

No. The clothing is your own. You are welcome to wear it in your free time and represent our volunteer team proudly.

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3) What can I Do when the clothing doesn´t fit?

With your registration we sample your size. This specification is the basis for our order. Make sure that your size is correct when registering. If your clothes don´t fit, we cannot promise an exchange but hope to find a way to give you an appropriate size (e.g. change with other volunteers).

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4) What can I do when my clothing get broken?

For this, we cannot take responsibility or compensate you. Each volunteer should handle his/ her clothing with care and keep it clean.

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5) When does the clothing take place

The clothing will take place a week before and during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. In the moment we are we are developing a concept that this can be carried out as quickly as possible, smoothly and in accordance with hygiene standards.

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Transport, shuttle and parking

1) How do I get around?

During the Nordic World Ski Championships your accreditation is valid as a bus and train ticket in the following areas:
- Railway: district Lindau, Memmingen, Buchloe, Pfronten / Steinach
- Bus: All lines in the district of Oberallgäu, in the city of Kempten and in Kleinwalsertal
There will be additional buses and trains during the NWSC. Simply show your accreditation together with your ID card without being asked.

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2) When do buses and trains leave?

There will be a special timetable. The buses / trains run throughout the day between Oberstdorf, the cross-country stadium and the surrounding villages. The current timetable will be published online early enough.

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3) Which ist he closest airport to Oberstdorf?

The closest airport is Memmingen (FMM) which you can reach in a hour by car. Within 2.5 hours you can also reach the airport Friedrichshafen (FDH), Stuttgart (STR) or Munich (MUC).

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4) Is there a car park for volunteers during the Nordic World Ski Championships?

Unfortunately there is no special car park for volunteers. Parking around the venue is very limited, so it cannot be guaranteed. We recommend you to use the public transport. You can use it for free with your accreditation.

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1) How can I find an accommodation during the Nordic World Ski Championships?

We could block an accommodation for our volunteers. Please contact us, if you are interested. Then we can make contact with the responsible person. We also refer to the tourist information in Oberstdorf ( or the surrounding villages (e.g Fischen, Sonthofen, …)

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1) Will I be catered during my shift?

Yes. As a volunteer you receive one hot meal during your working hours. You have the choice between a meat and a vegetarian dish with a dessert. You also get drinks (please metnion 1€ deposit for the bottles). You also get as much tea and coffee as you want.

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2) Where can I get my meals?

There will be two main stations where you can eat (cross country stadium and Oybelle Halle). In "Oybele Halle" also is our volunteer center where you can get information, food an can relax during your break.

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3) When can I go to get my meals?

Each volunteer will have time to get his meal. Please check a suitable time with your team and your team leader so someone else can fill in for you during your break.

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4) What can I do if I have allergies

If you have allergies, please mention it right away with your registration so we have enough time to organize an alternative for you.

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1) Is the opening ceremony on th 24th of february free for volunteers

Yes. You can enter the opening ceremony with your accreditation. Here will be an extra volunteer area.

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2) Are there free tickets for volunteers?

Yes, our volunteers can have single tickets in form of a day pass or single tickets in the skijumping stadium or cross country stadium with a discount of 10 %.

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3) Are there any other ticket discounts for volunteers?

Yes. Each volunteer has the opportunity to buy single tickets at a 10% discount. If you are interested please contact the organizer.

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4) Can I visit the cloing ceremony for free?

Yes! All volunteers get free entrance to the cross-country stadium on 7th of march. There will be the closing ceremony too.

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