Operational areas

Working on a lot of different tasks is necessary to host successful World Championships.
Here you can find an overview of the areas where we need your support as a volunteer.

Anstieg zum Burgstall
General areas

Also outside the stadium there are areas where we need assistance, such as with accreditation or the clothing of the volunteer team.

WM Skisprung Arena Oberstdorf
Ressort 1: Sports

Sports are the heart of the Nordic Ski World Championships 2021 in Oberstdorf. There are many tasks with all three disciplines - ski jumping, cross-country and Nordic combined.

WM-Langlauf Arena von 2005
Ressort 4: Marketing

In the field of marketing, it's all about the ​​venue dressing, which means a commitment even before the start of the Nordic World Ski Championships, so the village is ready to impress our visitors.

Richard Freitag fliegt über das winterliche Oberstdorf
Ressort 5: Transport

Many spectators mean a lot of traffic. That´s the reason why we are looking for support in the area of ​​parking services as well as in the area of ​​the OC shuttle.

WM-Skisprung Arena Oberstdorf
Ressort 6: Safety

In this section, you check the accreditations at the various areas of the stadiums, making sure that all accredited persons reach (only) their designated area.

Skispringen in Oberstdorf
Ressort 7: Ceremony

Support with the opening and closing ceremony, winners presentations and medal ceremonies as well as the set-up and disassembly of the ceremony areas are part of this ressort.

WM-Langlauf Arena
Ressort 8: Media

Behind the scenes, but still right at the front you work in our media team supporting all media representatives.

Fans feiern
Ressort 9: Medicine

You are a doctor, paramedic or you are interested in helping in the section of anti-doping? Then you are exactly right in this area.