General areas

In this area, we are looking for team-oriented and sociable volunteers. You will be responsible for accreditations, volunteer clothing or child care.

Area - accreditation

Each athlete, official, volunteer and media representative needs an accreditation to enter accredited areas. The accreditation office will be the first contact of our guests with the Nordic World Ski Championships. Thus, it is your task to friendly welcome these people, to check their data and to issue their accreditations. We are working with an online accreditation system. So it is important that you are used to work with a computer and you speak English fluently and/ or other languages. You should also be open-minded and communicative in this area.

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Area - parking management

Parking spaces while the Nordic World Ski Championships must be coordinated well. In this team you are responsible for all parking tickets. You plan the distribution, take inquiries and issue them to the right persons.

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Area - clothing

Each volunteer receives the official World Championships outfit. In this area, you are responsible that all volunteers get their outfit in the appropriate size. You also need to make sure that only accredited people of the World Championships Team get the outfit. At the same time, you have an advisory role for our international volunteer team. For this reason, you should speak German as well as English fluently (further languages desirable) and have a warm and welcoming personality.

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Area - child care

Here, the children of spectators have the opportunity to warm up, to play and to do handicrafts. Furthermore, there will be a baby´s diaper changing station. As a volunteer at the day nursery, it is your job to be there as a contact person for the parents and to inform about the possibility of the day nursery. Most importantly, you look after the children during the event. To help in this area, you should be open-minded, reliable, a team player and of course you should have some experience and fun to look after children of different ages.

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