Ressort 1 - sports

In ressort 1 you will find varied tasks in in all three disciplines: from athlete catering, over the support at the inrun in ski jumping and the Nordic Combination, to administrative duties in the race office.

Ressort 1 - skijumping start

In this area you support the team in the area of the inrun. If necessary, you and your team will be responsible for moving the gate as well as supporting the material control at the start. For this reason, it is important that you are physically fit and you have absolutely no fear of heights.


Ressort 1 - skijumping inrun

In the area of the inrun you are used as a snowblower. You are mainly used when it is snowing. Your job is to work with your team to clear the inrun of the snow. Therefore, you should be physically fit and have no fear of heights.


Ressort 1 - distance measurer

As a distance measurer your job is to identify the athletes' jump length in your assigned measurement zone. Following, you pass it to the writer. For this you should be physically fit and always stay focused.


Ressort 1 - race office

In the race office (cross-country, ski jumping and Nordic combined) you are responsible for all administrative tasks. You check the received announcements, inform and support the teams and officials, you deal with start/ result lists and start numbers, you prepare the team captain´s meetings and collect all logs and documents for documentation. To support the race office you should be permanently available during the competitions and when the teams arrive (around the 21st of February). You should be used to office work and be able to deal with MS Office. English and if applicable another foreign language would be important.


Ressort 1 - Athlete/media catering

Our „Turmhexen“ and „Loipenfeen“ are working in the background and are responsible for the wellbeing of the athletes and media representatives. You will help at the coffee bar, in the kitchen to prepare food for the athlete and media catering and finally distribute the meals. In this area you have to work cleanly and with a smile.


Ressort 1: Athlete care

The athletes' lounge is a very sensitive area. It is a retreat and resting place for the athletes before, during and after the competition. Therefore, it should be accepted and respected by our volunteers. The main task in this area is to keep the lounge clean, to answer questions of the athletes in a competent and friendly way, to keep an eye on the catering station and to refill it if it is necessary. It is important that you speak English fluently and you ensure professional behaviour.