Ressort 5: transport

This ressort often has the first contact to officials, athletes and our guests. You will be assigned to the area of parking management and/or shuttle-service.

Ressort 5 - parking management

You don´t need any special knowledge for this area. A local knowledge is an advantage to provide information to our guests. We also expect an open-minded and friendly interaction with our visitors, because they will have the first contact with you at the Nordic World Ski Championships. The main tasks are caring for the parking lots. This includes checking the parking permissions, selling parking tickets and to instruct the cars in the parking lots.


Ressort 5 - OC-Shuttle

The OC-Shuttle is responsible that athletes, officials, media representatives and guests arrive safely at their desired destination or that material reaches the right place. In this area, there will work in two shifts (about 8 h). You have to own a driving license and be at least 25 years old to support the OC-Shuttle. Furthermore, you should enjoy (safe & responsible) driving, speak English fluently, have a good orientation or best have local knowledge. It is also important to have a companionable relationship to each other so we can act as a team to contribute to a successful event.