Ressort 6: safety

If it is easy for you to be attentive and keep track and to work in a team and together with people, then you are right in the ressort safety. Your place of action varies from discipline to discipline.

Area - Access control

There are various entrances to the stadiums. Here you can support our professional security service. You need to check the tickets and accreditations of visitors. In this area, it is really important that you like to work with people, to have a confident and friendly appearance and to stay relaxed in hectic situations.

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Area - security (stadium)

This area is very important to guarantee a smooth process. Your task is to control the accreditations, so only the persons with the right accreditation can enter the specific areas of the stadium. In this area you should be friendly and communicative and at the same time confident, resilient and assertive.

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Area - security (sports)

The safety area is for everyone who is looking for variety. You will take care of the cross-country competitions of the Nordic World Ski Championships. As a volunteer you take tasks in the sports and accreditation area. You are in the access and accreditation control of the athletes and officials as well as in the start,- finish and racing area ,you help at the instruction of the parking spaces in the sports area and you will have safety tasks at the award ceremony.

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