Ressort 8: medicine

In ressort "medicine" you have tasks that concern the medical field. Either you support us in the team of doctors or accompany the athletes as chaperones in case of doping controls.

Area - Antidoping

For the Nordic World Ski Championships we are looking for reliable, conscientious and secretive chaperones. If you are at least 18 years old and in the best case you have a medical education (e.g. as a paramedic, nurse,…), you are the right person for this job. As a chaperone you will accompany an athlete who is assigned to you from the finish line, over interviews, ceremonies to the doping control station. Your task is to pay close attention to “your“ athlete permanently, so a falsification of the samples can be avoided and ruled out.

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Area - doctor

You would like to support the World Championship team and show your knowledge as a doctor at one of the major sports events of the year? With your registration make sure that you are a doctor or medical specialist, you fulfill the additional title “emergency medicine“ or “emergency medical service“ and whether you are currently actively working as a doctor. Another requirement is that you have completed a course in AHA/ERC or ITLS/PHLTS.

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